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    Huabin Industrial Park, Shanghai
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    +86 13335855662

    Welcome to

    ShangHai Taorun TPU Co.,Ltd.

    ShangHai Taorun TPU Co., Ltd. is a professional sales of new environmental protection materials TPU film and polyurethane film sales manufacturers, the main sales products: TPU elastic band, TPU film two series, and also provide TPU shoulder, print shoulder strap, TPU cutting belt, split thin film, TPU trademark and other semi-finished products.

    The TPU film we sell is a new kind of new material, which is safe, stable and high quality. It has good elasticity, good mechanical properties, strong wear resistance, good oil resistance, good low temperature resistance, and wide soft hardness range. It has become an excellent substitute for nylon, polyester, PVC and other products.

    Our products are widely used in the field:

    Clothing, clothing, shoes and socks, home textiles, fabric fit, accessories, electronics, automotive industry, medical, catering and other fields.

    We focus on the development and production of environmental protection products, and make unremitting efforts to use high quality and variety of TPU products for more people to work unremittingly for the global environmental protection industry.

    Contact Us


    Mobile Phone: +86-133-3585-5662




    Factory Address:Huabin Industrial Park, No.99 Huajia Road Songjiang District, Shanghai, China 201613

    Sales Office: RM NO#307 Rongda building, Keqiao  Industrial Park,KeQiao ShaoXing, ZheJiang, China.

    ShangHai Taorun TPU Co.,Ltd.

    TPU Film Manufacturer Contact:
    Mail:topruntex@163.com Mobile Phone:+86 13335855662