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    TPU film

    What is TPU Film, maybe we don't know too much. However, many windbreakers use this material, and you will know a lot. Regarding plastic products, many people may think that this is a product that is difficult to differentiate and has no harm to the environment.

    According to the introduction, TPU Chinese name is “thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer”, which is a new type of organic polymer material. TPU has characteristics unmatched by other plastics, including wide hardness planning, high mechanical strength, excellent cold resistance, good processing and oil, water and mold resistance. TPU is widely used in many fields such as car manufacturing, transportation, footwear, electromechanical, medical, and agricultural. In the meantime, TPU film is mainly used in sports shoes, fabric fitting, outdoor sports and so on.

    The reporter also learned that TPU is the best substitute for PVC; rubber products are not environmentally friendly in the vulcanization manufacturing process, TPU materials have all the functions of rubber materials, and are superior in low temperature, and are environmentally friendly substitutes for ambition; TPU has degradation function It has environmental advantages in replacing non-degradable films (PE, EVA, etc.); TPU film has good plasticity and can be used as the first choice in many product developments, providing support for human health and environmental protection.

    TPU also serves as a good alternative to the mall. It is understood that at present, China's rubber, PVC, PE, EVA and other production capacity after the rapid growth in the early 21st century, there is a problem of overcapacity. Since 1999, the European Union has stopped using PVC-related products such as children's toys and shoe materials.

    Tpu Film Products

    TPU anti-yellowing films

    TPU Medical safety Films

    TPU Clear & Transparent film

    TPU film used for packing and handbag

    TPU Polyester films with SGS

    Fabric Composite TPU Films

    TPU film used for waterball

    TPU film used for airship

    TPU Inflatable Membranes

    TPU Medical Polyester film

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