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    The main reasons for warpage and deformation of tpu film are: no cooling when the product is demolded, product shape and thickness asymmetry, excessive filler, uneven gate feeding, unbalanced ejector system, uneven mold temperature, material Over-buffered.


    For the above problems, our primary solution is to increase the cooling time if the product is not cooled during demolding.

    The shape and thickness of the tpu film manufacturer are asymmetric. Generally, we change the molding design or add reinforcing ribs. Too much filler, reduce injection pressure, speed, timing and raw data dose. Change the gate or add gates when the gates are not feeding properly. The ejector system is unbalanced and generally only needs to adjust the ejector device. When the mold temperature is not uniform, adjust the mold temperature to equilibrium. When the material is over-buffered, it is enough to reduce the material buffer.

    Tpu film, superior function and convenient molding process. It can be molded in the same way as ordinary rubber by mastication, mixing and vulcanization. It can also be in the form of liquid rubber, casting molding, pouring centrifugal molding or spraying. It can also be made into pellets, with injection, extrusion, calendering and blowing. Plastic molding process.

    Together with its outstanding functions in tension, tension, durability and anti-aging, it is widely used in shoe materials and medical fields.

    However, the misfortunes depend on each other and the contradictions depend on each other. Even if the products are perfect, there is also an imperfect side. The high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and import of materials of tpu film have become three aspects that must be paid attention to.

    In terms of function, tpu film needs to pay attention to two aspects.

    First of all, it is the chemical resistance of the tpu film. The tpu film is not resistant to strong polar solvents and strong acid-base media. At a certain temperature, alcohols, acids and ketones will swell and degrade the polyurethane elastomer. Solvents such as methylene chloride and trichloroethylene swell at the normal temperature.

    On the other hand, it is the high temperature resistance of the tpu film. Although the tpu film can not change its tolerance under the cold of minus 30 degrees, it can not withstand high temperatures. TPU has a large internal heat and high temperature resistance. The normal operating temperature range is -30 ° C to 80 ° C, so the tpu film should not be used for more than 120 ° C for a long time.

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