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    Tpu film

    TPU film has excellent properties such as high strength, good toughness, cold resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, environmental protection, non-toxicity, decomposability, waterproof and moisture permeability, wind resistance, cold resistance, warmth, antibacterial, anti-ultraviolet and energy release. Can be applied to shoes, waterproof and moisture permeable fabrics, food packaging, medical supplies, inflatable capsules, sports and leisure equipment and many other fields.

    The biggest advantage of TPU film is that it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. China is now more and more focused on and promoting environmental protection. People also realize that the current environmental problems and environmental awareness are becoming more and more intense. Therefore, the development potential of TPU in China is huge and will replace non- Environmentally friendly material film.

    Compared with the current dominant EVA film and synthetic rubber film, TPU film can meet the customer's demand for high viscosity, and also has good physical properties, such as good elasticity, high mechanical strength, etc. Many traditional films are difficult to use. In the field, TPU hot melt adhesive film is suitable.

    TPU film is a major breakthrough for the application of new environmentally friendly materials for waterproof and breathable fabrics. It overcomes many defects of PVC and PU leather. It not only has most of the characteristics of rubber and ordinary plastics, but also has excellent comprehensive physical and chemical properties. TPU film is a film made of TPU pellets through special processes. It inherits the excellent physical properties of TPU and has a wide range of applications.

    Our company mainly sells TPU film, TPU waterproof and moisture permeable film (breathable film), hot melt adhesive film, TPU high strength bonding cloth (TPU composite cloth), printed TPU film, flocked TPU film, EVA solar photovoltaic film, EVA glass. Membrane, medical film, etc. The length, width and color can be customized.

    Tpu Film Products

    TPU anti-yellowing films

    TPU Medical safety Films

    TPU Clear & Transparent film

    TPU film used for packing and handbag

    TPU Polyester films with SGS

    Fabric Composite TPU Films

    TPU film used for waterball

    TPU film used for airship

    TPU Inflatable Membranes

    TPU Medical Polyester film

    ShangHai Taorun TPU Co.,Ltd.

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